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Interview with Ursula LiblikAS

80% of Estonians are witches or subconscious witches, because for thousands of years, the blood of the Vikings, Celts, Russians, Germans, Poles etc has blended in us.

When did your reincarnations on planet Earth start?

When we abandon earthly dimensions, the notion ‘time’ disappears. It is possible to determine yourself in time according to historical events. The latter, however, are difficult to determine if you remember how your soul was born when Earth did not exist.

Where were you before Earth appeared?

In the common field as we almost all were. The first physical memory is connected with creatures on planet Sirius. They had their own conscious mental state in which they could develop. Incarnation occurs when the soul takes upon itself a load, a burden. If soul is no longer enough to solve things, man begins to incarnate. He gathers a sufficient amount of errors, rather experience, around him. No error is really an error, but experience in our lives.

Can you say something about your pre-Lemurian incarnations?

Yes, I remember myself as an animal. People usually go through a development. Everybody has his own crystal nature, plant and animal nature and then finally a human development in a human body.
I remember being a huge, black, quite conceited female panther, lying on a branch of a tree. And then suddenly I feel that prey is approaching. I am not hungry but a hunter’s instinct instantly grabs me. I am about to jump.

Oriental are afraid of being born as animals. Is it at all possible?

It is almost impossible. Although it is said that grave errors take you back in your development, it is merely a pause in the progress. People are sometimes born back into animals when they cannot bear human emotions. The shamans claim there are transition stages in the period between death and departure where man briefly enters the body of the pet so as to spend more time within his family. There have been cases where the soul has entered a dog or a rat in order to warn people against a disaster of some sort.

Let us stroll into some of your incarnations on planet Earth.

My earliest recollections of human incarnation on this planet are from Lemuria. Atlantis, Lemuria and the first Rome were city states. It was almost not possible to distinguish between the rich and the poor. Some had more responsibility but they did not have more rights. As time had different consistency, large number of representatives of other galaxies visited Lemuria. Lemurians had their own means of transport as well to travel to other planets.

They used energy that today’s scientists are keen to find – a new liberating energy emerges in vacuum in the course of certain processes. Sun energy was used a lot too.

Thought, will and self-concentration were on a quite different level, because the concentration of time was not as big and energy moved faster. People dictate the progress and density of time with their thoughts. People say they are ‘in a hurry in a hurry’ and thus condense time and as a result they are even in a greater hurry. And the less they can travel with their thought and energy.

How many people are able to travel in time today?

Not too few, in fact. The only precondition is: you must liberate your thoughts. You must not limit yourself with the current life here. We have to accept that everything around us is energy. Each material thing consists of molecules and atoms.

Much depends on faith. Going back to Lemuria, the priestess (Ursula’s job there) was not a mediator of any religion or religious rite. The priestess was able to mediate energies with different frequencies and thickness, and make them acceptable for people. There are few priests today who could bring divine spirit to earth. This is a rare talent, just as reading other people’s thoughts, which can actually be developed.

I know there must have been other stages before my Lemuria life. In Lemuria, I could have assembled all my stages and not go through an incarnation again. I made a mistake there, to be followed in the words of a friend, ‘the mere 400,000 years of suffering’.

The last of my terrestrial lives was very terrestrial. It was around 1760–1780, drastic reforms in Russia. I started the so-called peasant reform, liberating the peasants. I was (incarnated as a man) a manor lord who was not in the good books at the court, so I was deported from St Petersburg to another manor beyond the Urals.

Drawing by: V. Kuprijanov


Have there been many floods and other catastrophes over 400 000 years?

Floods were the reason for the disappearance of both Lemuria and Atlantis. The third flood is probably on its way if people do not change their attitude. But I don’t like to peep into future. When there is something bad, you start pondering about it and thus make it even worse. When you see good to come, you think about that and when it finally comes, it is no longer so good as it would have been as a surprise. Astrologers are also saying that all kinds of natural calamities and catastrophes on Earth will increase. Humankind is devouring its own tail with its attitude to life and little sustainability. Today’s Earth is inhabited by three times more people than it can actually feed so something must happen to reduce the population.

What is the essence of religion?

Religion is not important. I rely on father Kirss’ saying (priest Emmanuel Kirss – ed.): “There is no right religion on Earth as yet. They are all sects, even the bigger faiths.” Faith has nothing to do with religion, it is a condition inside us. This also connects with the topic of time travel. Suffice it to say two words: I BELIEVE, and things start moving.


Why do you think people no longer trust one another?

People are always convinced that only what they feel can be right. When someone’s ego is too big he cannot see anything from another person’s perspective. We should believe in our spiritual power and have faith in other people’s belief because they believe in their faith. Faith does not only concern mental development, but also our daily coping, self-evaluation and confidence. Deeper mistrust started when people moved out of caves and settled in houses. As long as people lived in a circular structure (cave, conical lodges), the energetic exchange of information functioned properly. After houses came positions, wealth, material conflict. Families emerged, and the common feeling vanished.

Architecture must support the human and earthly physical energy. Geometry in Lemuria, for example, was in place in urban space, temples, churches, administrative buildings and residential houses.

Let us talk about the creatures over there.

A Lemurian is very tall (7-8 m) and big. There were also midgets and people who could become invisible. I remember a medusa-like creature with electric wires running through its body. The white-skinned smoothly moving albinos without ears and hairs were very interesting. Mythological creatures such as unicorn and centaur existed there as well. They in fact still exist but at another energetic frequency.

Let us talk about Shambala.

In the Tibetan Himalayas where there is the Gate between different worlds, live creatures of the light who are in contact with all energetic systems in the Universe and the Earth. Once in Shambala, all questions will be answered. It is said that humankind is not yet ready for some sort of information. An eye is kept on people, they are not allowed to perish now. Only very few are able to establish contact with the sages of Shambala who have been there in a somatic condition for millions of years.

What is the share of witches in different nations?

The concentration of witches in Finno-Ugrian peoples is the highest, especially in Estonians and peoples in North Russia. 80% of Estonians are witches or subconscious witches, because for thousands of years, the blood of the Vikings, Celts, Russians, Germans, Poles etc has blended in us. Scandinavia has few witches but they are powerful. In Tibet the concentration of witches is not that dense. Like in China where rigid national traditions do not develop creativity and soul. There is no progress for the American Indians because they have no descendants. This is why they come to Estonia (a camp of American Indians has taken place on Naissaar and near Pärnu for 6 years – ed). American Indians have not forgiven the Americans as they have not got back their places of force and sacred locations. Estonians should find their sacred groves and other places of energy as well. We must take care of nature, animals and the entire environment. Praying along the vertical axis will not help if nature is being polluted at the same time.

How could Estonians best cultivate their mental powers?

Stop dumping rubbish in the forest!

Ursula LiblikUrsula Liblikas

Ursula Liblikas alias Karuliblikas is an outstanding Estonian witch, sage and social worker. She was born in Rakvere, now lives in Riisipere and works with homeless children in Tallinn. Ursula is characterised by an artistic sense, a strong perception and an ability to travel in time as the one who sees.